Care Instructions

Our care instructions are designed to allow your Okewa garment to live it's longest life possible. We're here to create products that last. 
As with most items the fewer times you wash the garment the longer the garment will last. This rings true with Okewa coats and jackets too. We recommend keeping washing to a minimum, or spot washing where possible, but when you do wash your garment please do so with powdered washing detergent not liquid washing detergent. 
Tumble Dry
Placing your Okewa garments in the tumble dryer on a medium heat for a few minutes can help reactivate the DWR solution on the outer surface of the garment (this is the treatment that beads water off the fabric). This should only be done when noticeable water patches are forming on the coat and water is not effectively beading away. This is often due to a buildup of oil from things such as pollution, dirt. 
Do Not Dry Clean
Okewa garments can not be dry-cleaned as this process affects the breathability of our fabrics. 
Do not iron your Okewa garments. Please hang overnight for creases to fall out.
Microfibre Shedding 
The shedding of microfibres off synthetic clothing is a significant issue which is in part behind our advice to minimise washing of Okewa garments as much as possible. Patagonia has instigated research that, interestingly, has found front loader washing machines can prevent up to five times as many microfibres from synthetic clothing being shed.